Cold-Blooded Murder

On 11 September 2001, 2,974 people were murdered in New York City. At the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. and on flights 77 and 93, 224 innocent people were murdered. To this day, these crimes remain unsolved and the perpetrators continue to elude justice.


Following the brutal murders of 2,974 human beings on 11 Sept 2001, critical physical evidence at the World Trade Center crime scene was purposely removed and destroyed. Disinformation programs were implemented on 11 September and continue to this day.

Here are the forensic findings as of this date:

Dr. Judy Wood
Abbreviated Summary: What “destructive technology” could possible “dustify” those two massive towers, WTC 1 & 2 - 110 stories each, and make them disappear into clouds of dust in less than 10 seconds, leaving relatively little rubble on the ground? How did that happen?

For certain, no matter how big and how fast they were flying upon impact, not even two huge Boeings with resulting fires could have “disappeared” the majority of the mass of those two 110-story buildings, PLUS destroy the other five WTC buildings which were also obliterated that day, WTC 3 – 22 stories; WTC 4 – 9 stories; WTC5 – 9 stories; WTC 6 – 8 stories; and WTC 7 – 47 stories; AND create a plethora of never-before-seen phenomena as far away as one mile from the WTC.

If the two 110-story WTC Towers collapsed due to fire or explosives (kinetic energy) of any kind:

1. There would have been over 1,250,000* tons of debris piled on the ground. Only a fraction was observed that day. *Where did the Towers Go?, Judy Wood, Pg 194.
2. Manhattan would have been flooded. Obviously that did not occur.
3. Seismic recordings would have reflected two 500,000-ton buildings and one 230,000-ton building slamming to the ground. That did not occur.

Dr Judy Wood has assembled the forensic evidence. (1.) If we allow ourselves to see, hear and read it we may be on the path toward discovering the horrific truths about 9/11.

So, what brought the towers down? The evidence, Dr. Wood has concluded, points to a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW). Dr Wood offers a clear, easily understood comparison of summary of the evidence in her book and in her presentations. Her findings are well documented and directly on target, especially given that she has been the trailblazer in describing an exceedingly complex, entirely new and, until 9/11, publicly unknown destructive force used with impunity upon innocent people whose only mistake was going to work that day.

WTC Murders Dr. Wood Comparison Chart Go here for a larger, readable image.

Please go to Dr. Wood’s website for a more complete presentation of her findings, especially section “B. Some of the principal data that must be explained”: http://www.drjudywood.com/wtc/

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1. Where Did the Towers Go? – The Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11, by Dr. Judy Wood or Amazon: “This book is a forensic analysis of the WTC a crime scene. Ground Zero and the surrounding areas were photographed countless thousands of times, yet no one really assessed all of the phenomena found in these photographs. What is presented in this book is not a theory and it is not speculation. It is evidence. It is the body of empirical evidence that must be explained in order to determine what happened at Ground Zero.” See book review by Eric Larsen, Ph.D., Emeritus professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, 17 Apr 2011.